Product Type

Low-Rise Building Products

0.63.3mm thick hot dip galvanizing steel sheets are rolled into C-shaped and U-shaped steel stud and track, and made into such components as composite wallboards, floor slabs and roof trusses through industrialized mass production, and then assembled rapidly on site through dry operation.

The product is applicable to 3-storey and below buildings, such as residential houses and villas, green townships, vacation resort, elderly-caring and health-caring buildings, etc.


Multi-story Building Products

The multi-storey building adopts steel frame as its main structure and light gauge steel framework as its envelop enclosure. This product combines the benefits of both systems, which not only provides wider space to make spatial arrangement more flexible, but also realizes fast installation, guarantees excellent damp-proofing, thermal and acoustic insulation performance and further enhance its earthquake and wind resistance performance.

The product is applicable to 6-storey or below small & medium-sized buildings, such as residential houses, apartments, hotels, clubs, natatoriums, office buildings, hospitals, schools and vacation resort facilities, etc.