Excellent Performance

Ecological environmentally friendly

Energy-efficiency: Complying with the standard of building energy efficiency of 75% and above.

Water-saving: Dry operation can save 90% of the water consumed in the traditional construction method.

Material-saving: More than 90% materials can be recycled to eliminate a large number of construction waste generated when the building comes to the end of its service life.

Land-saving: The carpet area is increased by 10% and more.

Environmentally friendly materials: The house is built with 100% new materials and both its production and use can meet the requirements for environmental protection.


Fast and easy installation

Factory prefabrication and on-site assembly greatly shortens construction period.

Dry operation is adopted and can be done in the Northern Areas in winter.

The installation site is environmentally friendly with no dust pollution or sewage pollution.

For example, it only takes 5 ~ 7 days to complete the main structure installation of a 200detached house and two months to complete refined indoor and outdoor decoration.


Structure safety

95 years of structure safety design. The structural steel framework and bolts adopt high-performance anti-corrosion technology (galvanized, Aluzinc coating and magnesium-aluminum-zinc alloy plating) and the self-healing function of anti-corrosion coating can prevent the main structure from being corroded.


Earthquake and wind resistance

 The house meets 9 degree requirement for fortification against earthquake and can resist against 12 degree typhoon. The entire house adopts flexible structure of a light weight (about 1/6-1/4 of the traditional brick structure) and has all its joints reliably fixed with special fittings so as to greatly improve its earthquake and wind resistance performance.


Fire Safety

The composite enclosure wall which comprehensively adopts Class A non-combustible type fireproof materials is used to fully meet the fire protection design standard of buildings.


Thermal Preservation and Thermal Insulation

BNBM House adopts “Double Thermal Preservation + Double Compartments” thermal insulation and energy efficiency technology. The unique design of heat reflection and ventilation interlayer further improves the building envelope insulation effect and avoids the phenomenon of thermal bridge. BNBM House meets the building requirements of energy efficiency more than 75% and ensures the indoor environment being warm in winter and cool in summer.


Ventilation and Damp Proof

Unique design of open ventilation layer realizes external wall ventilation and damp proofing in the hot air convection principle; “One-way breathing paper” is set between the main structure and the external wall decoration layer so as to effectively prevent dampness or other corrosive gases from entering the main structure. The wall will not have dew formed in northern areas in winter.


Acoustic insulation and noise reduction



Acoustic insulation material is filled in composite walls, internal and external walls and floors of different materials, different thickness, multilayer structure and multi-layer cavity to meet national standards. Professional enhancing treatment is especially applied within human ear’s most sensitive audio frequency so as to create a quiet and comfortable living environment


Flexible Layout

The thickness of wall is only 1/2 of the traditional structure and the carpet area increases by more than 10% compared with the traditional one. The weight is mainly borne by the external walls and flexible layout can be achieved in the indoor space.


Beautiful Appearance

From the traditional Chinese residential houses (such as Eastern Sichuan style, Huizhou style and Uygur style) to modern Occidental houses, BNBM House has created a variety of architectural styles.


Wide Applicability


Applicable in various climates (From Frigid to Tropical zones) and geographical conditions

Applicable in various landscapes: such as sea island, mountain land and flat ground

Applicable in various geological conditions: such as desert, rock and soft soil